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We are passionate about helping businesses in the hospitality industry reach their full potential through innovative and effective advertising strategies.

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Digital Marketing

Although our media plans typically include a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional channels, digital marketing is crucial to the success of a client's campaign. We consider the full range of digital platforms and tools, including programmatic, mobile, in-app, native, geofencing, paid social media, and paid search marketing. At Latitude42, we stay on top of the ever-changing online landscape to ensure we have the latest information on targeting, tracking, ad units, and technology.

Traditional Advertising

Sure, digital is important. But Latitude42 is well-equipped to help create impactful and memorable marketing campaigns utilizing traditional media channels as well. This includes expertise in areas such as print, broadcast, outdoor, and direct mail. With decades of experience in the marketplace, we have strong relationships with media outlets, enabling us to negotiate favorable rates and prime ad placements for our clients.


Human beings have a deep relationship with design. Our feelings about a place or idea are connected to the colors, shapes, textures, sounds, patterns, and rhythms we associate with it. Latitude42's creative work beautiful reflects your brand identity and communicates to your customers exactly the story you wish to tell.


When we work with you on branding, we first get to know your company's priorities, background, character, and goals. Then, we craft a strategy for making that identity visible, understandable, and consistent. We bring who you are to light and to life. Your customers will recognize you in an instant - and love who you are.

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About Latitude42

Our team of experts understands the unique challenges and opportunities in this dynamic and competitive industry, and we pride ourselves on delivering customized solutions that drive results.

From hotels and resorts to golf courses and spas to vacation rental companies and experiential destinations, we work with clients across the spectrum to develop branding, advertising campaigns, and marketing initiatives that build brand awareness, drive bookings, and enhance guest experiences.

Let us help you stand out in a crowded market and reach your target audience with the right message, at the right time, through the right channels.

I've had the pleasure of working with Latitude42 and am thoroughly impressed with their level of expertise and professionalism. They took the time to understand my business needs and objectives, then developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that was tailored to my specific needs.
Eileen Cole
The Latitude42 team was very knowledgeable in both traditional and digital advertising, and provided excellent guidance on which channels and tactics would be most effective for reaching my target audience. They clearly understood the latest trends and technologies, and used that knowledge to incorporate smart and impactful techniques into my campaigns.
Kim Erwin
Their attention to detail and commitment to quality was evident in all aspects of their work, from the creative concepts to the campaign execution.
Colin Sanderson
Thanks to Latitude42, our vacation rentals brand has reached new heights, and we have established a solid foundation for continued growth.
Jessica Munn

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Case Studies

We're proud to showcase work that highlights real-world results we've achieved for our clients. We take a data-driven approach to every project, analyzing consumer behavior and market trends to develop strategies that maximize visibility and ROI.

Click to see how we've helped our clients increase website traffic, boost sales, generate leads, and enhance their overall brand presence.

We combine our expertise across a full range of disciplines with our collaborative spirit and sense of humor to create an unbeatable experience.

Latitude42 Team

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Morning or Night?

Latitude42 Team Results

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Male Female
Early Bird 43% 54%
Night Owl 57% 46%
Millennial Gen X
Early Bird 14% 64%
Night Owl 86% 36%
Media Creative
Early Bird 29% 54%
Night Owl 71% 46%

Dogs or Cats?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite pet?

Male Female
Dog 68% 68%
Cat 32% 32%
Millennial Gen X
Dog 54% 86%
Cat 46% 24%
Media Creative
Dog 57% 57%
Cat 43% 43%

Summer or Winter?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite season?

Male Female
Summer 82% 79%
Winter 18% 21%
Millennial Gen X
Summer 75% 89%
Winter 25% 11%
Media Creative
Summer 75% 57%
Winter 25% 43%

Cable or Stream?

Latitude42 Team Results

How do you watch your favorite shows?

Male Female
Cable 32% 40%
Stream 68% 60%
Millennial Gen X
Cable 15% 67%
Stream 85% 33%
Media Creative
Cable 38% 28%
Stream 62% 72%

Robots or Dinosaurs?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite creature?

Male Female
Robots 68% 46%
Dinosaurs 32% 54%
Millennial Gen X
Robots 71% 61%
Dinosaurs 29% 39%
Media Creative
Robots 50% 68%
Dinosaurs 50% 32%

Beer or Wine?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite alcohol?

Male Female
Beer 79% 32%
Wine 21% 68%
Millennial Gen X
Beer 64% 54%
Wine 36% 46%
Media Creative
Beer 82% 61%
Wine 18% 39%

Vacation or Staycation?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite getaway?

Male Female
Vacation 75% 75%
Staycation 25% 25%
Millennial Gen X
Vacation 86% 50%
Staycation 14% 50%
Media Creative
Vacation 57% 89%
Staycation 43% 11%

Camping or Glamping?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite roof over your head?

Male Female
Camping 64% 36%
Glamping 36% 64%
Millennial Gen X
Camping 43% 25%
Glamping 57% 75%
Media Creative
Camping 54% 36%
Glamping 46% 64%

Android or iPhone?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite smartphone?

Male Female
Android 57% 43%
iPhone 43% 57%
Millennial Gen X
Android 68% 68%
iPhone 32% 32%
Media Creative
Android 54% 64%
iPhone 46% 36%

Introvert or Extrovert?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your personality?

Male Female
Introvert 29% 25%
Extrovert 71% 75%
Millennial Gen X
Introvert 21% 32%
Extrovert 79% 68%
Media Creative
Introvert 11% 43%
Extrovert 89% 57%

Calling Or Texting?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite way to communicate?

Male Female
Calling 7% 11%
Texting 93% 89%
Millennial Gen X
Calling 4% 14%
Texting 96% 86%
Media Creative
Calling 11% 7%
Texting 89% 93%

Zombies Or Vampires?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite undead being?

Male Female
Zombies 93% 68%
Vampires 7% 32%
Millennial Gen X
Zombies 75% 79%
Vampires 25% 21%
Media Creative
Zombies 79% 75%
Vampires 21% 25%

Ketchup Or Ranch?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite condiment?

Male Female
Ketchup 43% 46%
Ranch 57% 54%
Millennial Gen X
Ketchup 57% 39%
Ranch 43% 61%
Media Creative
Ketchup 50% 50%
Ranch 50% 50%

Silly Hats Or Silly Socks?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite silly garment?

Male Female
Silly Hats 7% 21%
Silly Socks 93% 79%
Millennial Gen X
Silly Hats 11% 18%
Silly Socks 89% 82%
Media Creative
Silly Hats 21% 4%
Silly Socks 79% 96%

Coffee Or Tea?

Latitude42 Team Results

What's your favorite beverage?

Male Female
Coffee 79% 89%
Tea 21% 11%
Millennial Gen X
Coffee 96% 68%
Tea 4% 32%
Media Creative
Coffee 75% 93%
Tea 25% 7%

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