Our custom discovery process ensures we will thoroughly comprehend your business and goals.

First, we listen. We gather a 360-degree understanding of your priorities and budget, and make sure the key stakeholders are aligned on your objectives. Our goal is to provide integrated advertising and marketing solutions perfectly responsive to your needs.

Then, we research. We develop a complete, fresh understanding of internal and external forces on the industry and on your market.

Next, we synthesize and iterate. We prepare a proposal outlining recommended strategies, with a corresponding meeting to review everything together. After any necessary adjustments or further research, we drill down with a multi-pronged tactical plan for implementing those strategies.

Finally, we execute, implement, and revisit. We'll develop integrated creative to correspond with your brand and objectives. Throughout the campaign, there will be regular meetings to check in on timing & execution, to review & analyze performance, and to make optimizations where needed.

Digital Marketing

Although our media plans typically include a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional channels, digital marketing is crucial to the success of a client's campaign. We consider the full range of digital platforms and tools, including programmatic, mobile, in-app, native, geofencing, paid social media, and paid search marketing. At Latitude42, we stay on top of the ever-changing online landscape to ensure we have the latest information on targeting, tracking, ad units, and technology.

Traditional Advertising

Sure, digital is important. But Latitude42 is well-equipped to help create impactful and memorable marketing campaigns utilizing traditional media channels as well. This includes expertise in areas such as print, broadcast, outdoor, and direct mail. With decades of experience in the marketplace, we have strong relationships with media outlets, enabling us to negotiate favorable rates and prime ad placements for our clients.

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We understand that branding is paramount to any successful marketing campaign. That's why we take a strategic approach to the branding process, working closely with our clients to develop a clear and compelling brand identity that resonates with their target audience. We bring who you are to light and to life.


Humans have a deep relationship with design. Our feelings about a place or idea are connected to the colors, shapes, textures, sounds, patterns, and rhythms we associate with it. Latitude42's creative work beautifully reflects your brand identity and communicates to your customers exactly the story you want to tell.

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